Lifting Noodles Ramen

Lifting Noodles is located in the We Suki Suki food court in East Atlanta Village. The creation is the product of restaurateurs Ken Yu and Seven Chan and a proud member of the KSP Restaurant Group. 

Our founders saw a gap in the ramen market here in Atlanta and wanted to put their own unique spins on the concept. Lifting Noodles will offer classic traditional dishes you think of when you think of ramen but also their own twists and secret menu.

Just like any of their concepts there will be all kinds of adventurous new takes on ramen including fried ramen dishes, ramen inspired by different cuisines, and of course seasonal items with fresh amazing ingredients.




“This ramen is AWESOME - and so perfect for this chilly weather!”



“Go check them out for some new delicious ramen in the Atl - and trust me, with this weather, you’re gonna need it!”


Creative Loafing

“The guys behind Poke Burri have a new ramen spot and its good!”

KSP Restaurant Group Partner, 2018